ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 BIG PREY - Wild Boar

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PostSubject: BIG PREY - Wild Boar   BIG PREY - Wild Boar EmptySat May 05, 2018 2:37 pm

The Wild Boar

Type: Mammal
Diet: Omnivore
Average life span in the wild: 15 to 20 years
Size: Height at shoulder, 550 to 11,000 mm
Weight: 500 to 710 lbs (80 to 132 kg)
Group name: Herd
Size relative to a man:
BIG PREY - Wild Boar 418806

Wild boar (also wild pig, Sus scrofa) is a species of the pig genus Sus, part of the biological family Suidae. The species includes many subspecies. It is the wild ancestor of the domestic pig, an animal with which it freely hybridizes. Wild boar are native across much of Northern and Central Europe, the Mediterranean Region (including North Africa's Atlas Mountains) and much of Asia as far south as Indonesia. Populations have also been artificially introduced in some parts of the world, most notably the Americas and Australasia; principally for hunting. Elsewhere, populations have also become established after escapes of wild boar from captivity.

The body of the wild boar is compact; the head is large, the legs relatively short. The fur consists of stiff bristles and usually finer fur. The colour usually varies from dark grey to black or brown, but there are great regional differences in colour; even whitish animals are known from central Asia. During winter the fur is much denser. The continuously growing tusks (the canine teeth) serve as weapons and tools. The lower tusks of an adult male measure about 20 cm (7.9 in) (from which seldom more than 10 cm (3.9 in) protrude out of the mouth), in exceptional cases even 30 cm (12 in). The upper tusks are bent upwards in males, and are regularly ground against the lower ones to produce sharp edges. In females they are smaller, and the upper tusks are only slightly bent upwards in older individuals.

Wild boar piglets are coloured differently from adults, being a soft brown with longitudinal darker stripes. The stripes fade by the time the piglet is about half-grown,when the animal takes on the adult's grizzled grey or brown colour.

Adult males are usually solitary outside of the breeding season, but females and their offspring (both sub-adult males and females) live in groups called sounders. Sounders typically number around 20 animals, although groups of over 50 have been seen, and will consist of 2 to 3 sows; one of which will be the dominant female. Group structure changes with the coming and going of farrowing females, the migration of maturing males (usually when they reach around 20 months) and the arrival of unrelated sexually active males. Wild boar are usually crepuscular, foraging from dusk until dawn but with resting periods during both night and day.

The Prey Cards

BIG PREY - Wild Boar AuLvvTOBIG PREY - Wild Boar Q9fR5hbBIG PREY - Wild Boar A4MMZXr

Weight Range

Boars: 165-710 lbs
Sows: 130-420 lbs

01: 165 lb (boar) / 130 lb (sow)
02: 185 lb  / 145 lb
03: 195 lb / 160 lb
04: 205 lb / 175 lb
05: 220 lb / 180 lb
06: 230 lb / 195 lb
07: 260 lb / 205 lb
08: 290 lb / 210 lb
09: 315 lb / 225 lb
10: 330 lb / 230 lb
11: 375 lb / 240 lb
12: 400 lb / 250 lb
13: 440 lb / 260 lb
14: 480 lb / 275 lb
15: 520 lb / 280 lb
16: 565 lb / 300 lb
17: 600 lb / 330 lb
18: 635 lb / 360 lb
19: 680 lb / 390 lb
20: 710 lb (boar) / 420 lb (sow)

Originally from STP ©️ Strong

Avatar ©️ Brauner (Blythe)
TRP Banner ©️ Brauner
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BIG PREY - Wild Boar
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