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 RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting

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Guild Master

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PostSubject: RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting   Sat May 05, 2018 6:42 pm

✹ Index

✹ Introduction
These set of guides will show you everything there needs to know about performing and requesting a BGH or Big Game Hunting. Everything is very simple and is based on simple multiplication and division of your skills.

- Who is able to hunt?
It doesn't matter if you a part of the Guild or not, everyone is allowed to hunt. There a few requirements for your hunting request to be accepted:
1) You Biography must be accepted!
2) Your Initial Skills must have been set up!

✹ Before the Hunt Starts
The hunt can start once the topic for it is opened! So all the participants from now on must surpass these three phases of the hunt. When the round is finalized (turns of the rounds will be shared on the topic), the master must have updated the state of each player on the first post (a round finalizes when all the participants have thrown the dices and written their descriptions once in each round).

Each round will reduce in 5 points of energy from the players and 10 from the prey (since it represents that they have consumed energy during the process). The next round starts once the master has posted his RP post with the summary of the round! (since master will be always the first of the round and who will lead the hunting in the RP).

Then the team of hunters can start the next round of the hunt. Remember to always check the turns to write RP post and throw the dices on the first post (The list of participants is ordered according to the turns, being the first participant of the list means you are the master. Order could change according to some facts that you will see on next point).

✹ Once the Hunt Starts
The hunting consist of 3 phases that your wolf must overtake to complete the hunting successfully. There are some ways to be removed from the hunt, they are below:

  • If your health arrived to a dangerous level i.e. if you could be considered a patient type A.
  • If your Energy arrived to the level 0.
  • If you jump the queue. It means, if you send the message when is not your turn.
  • If you stayed in the phase 1 during four rounds.
  • If you request to leave the hunt.
  • If the hunting stopped on your turn and you haven't posted on the hunting topic for 2 days ago.

✹ The 3 Phases of the Hunting
Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Phase 3:

✹ Once the Prey is Killed
Once finalized, the master should post the summary of the entire hunt in the same topic where the hunt was requested. So, go there to check the summary of the hunt.

-- You should know that depending on the number of participants and difficulty to hunt the prey, the participants who arrived to phase 3 without being removed, should earn prizes!
Level of Difficulty 1-6:
Level of Difficulty 1-6:


He/she will obtain, automatically, Shamrocks for creating a topic in RP place! As well as +10 points of velocity once the hunt is completed!

In this case, another participant who met the requirements to be a master will continue the mastering the hunt. An Admin or Mod will help update the original thread. The reward will go to the new master instead of the one that originall started the hunt.

✔️ WHY HUNTERS gets more...?
Hunters receive more points because is their job, their work in feeding the pack.

✔️ HEALING after hunt..
All the wolves that have their bars of health in a dangerous level must visit the area of treatment. (Place to request a healing)

✔️ RESTING to increase ENERGY..
And the wolves who have a low energy level, remember that to fill up it you have two ways. For more information read the guide about the Skills of your Character!

~Thank you from the ARG Council~
Original Guide (c) STRONG of STP

Avatar ©️ Brauner (Blythe)
TRP Banner ©️ Brauner

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Guild Master

Posts : 167
Participation : 267

PostSubject: Re: RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting   Sun May 06, 2018 9:20 pm

✹ Introduction

Follow this guide to make your request to start a Big Game Hunting! The steps are easy, but if you fail to follow the order your request will be denied. You will need a minimum of 2 participants for a BGH!

✹ The Form to Request

Title of the Topic
It is required to use this format for your title: BGH by (Your Wolf Name) - (spots occupied/total) For example, BGH by Jethro - 2/4
Once the number of spots have filled up, no more participants can join the hunt.

Content of the Topic
The form is used to request a big game hunting! Take this code and post it in the RP Applications forum under HUNTINGS
Meanings of the Code:
<div class="huntrequestbox">
[center][u][b][size=24]I WANT TO START A HUNT[/size][/b][/u][/center]

[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Topic:[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{Name}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Link to Topic:[/b]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Type of Prey:[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{TEXT}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Gender-age of Prey:[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{TEXT}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Weight of Animal (# of Portions):[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{TEXT}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Found or Tracked?:[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{TEXT}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]Number of participants (x/x):[/b] [color=#ffcc99]{TEXT}[/color]
[color=#0066cc]■[/color] [b]List of participants:[/b]
[*]{Participant 1}
[*]{Participant 2}


✹ To Join an Open Hunt

The following form is for those who want to join an existing hunt that is active and has open spots.
Meanings of the Code:
<div class="huntjoinbox">
[center][u][b][color=#ffffff][size=20]I WANT TO JOIN YOUR HUNT[/size][/color][/b][/u][/center]

[color=#71cbf4]●[/color] [b][color=white]Name:[/color][/b] [color=#993333]{Text}[/color]
[color=#71cbf4]●[/color] [b][color=white]Velocity:[/color][/b] [color=#993333]{Text}[/color]
[color=#71cbf4]●[/color] [b][color=white]Position:[/color][/b] [color=#993333]{Text}[/color]
[color=#71cbf4]●[/color] [b][color=white]Do you know how works?:[/color][/b] [color=#993333]{Text}[/color]


Can I join any hunt when I want?
You may join any hunt that has open spots, BUT you must not be in any other activites in the RP like: missions, training, or healing. (This doesn't apply to private threads that are toking place in the past.) Meaning, if your character is in a history related private thread, they still may join a hunt in the current RP time. Your character cannot be in two different place in the current RP Time.

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

Avatar ©️ Brauner (Blythe)
TRP Banner ©️ Brauner

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Guild Master

Posts : 167
Participation : 267

PostSubject: Re: RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting   Wed May 09, 2018 7:50 am

✹ Introduction

This is a guide to be used by the person who is going to be the master of a Big Hunting Game!

Requisites to be the master of a BGH
• Your biography must be accepted and you must have at least 10 posts on the forum!
Why be a master?:
•  You will obtain Participation Points for create a topic in RP place! As well +10 points of velocity once completing the hunt!
What to do to request:
•  You only have to fill out the normal form to join a hunt and put on the label "Position" that you want to be the Master!
What if master is disabled to continue?
•  In this case, another participant who met the requirements to be a master will continue the mastering of the game. (Just report the post once the hunt is finished, so a Moderator will be able to update to topic for you.

✹ Creation of the Hunting Topic

The Forms and steps to create the topic:
Once you have been chosen as the master of a hunting (the user who has created the topic to request a hunt will put you, the master, first place of the participant's list of the topic where he/she requested the hunt) you must open a topic on the RP place requested by the requester of the hunting!

Title of the topic:
Use this form to write the title, and color it with Blue: Hunting: {Master name} - {prey being hunted} For example, mine would be: Hunt: Jethro - Wild Boar

Description of the topic:
Here you must put all the names of the wolves who participate in the hunting! And remove the ones who are expelled if is the case!

Content of the topic:
The following form is to be pasted in the content of a big hunting game's topic. So is necessary to copy and past the form of the code in the topic opened, and of course fill in the labels requested:

*The phrases or words between "{..}" on the form are the ones that you must edit according with info requested on it!*
<center><head><link href="" rel="stylesheet"></head><table style="border:10px solid #402211; width:1000px; background: url( #D8CABA top center no-repeat; padding-top:150px;"><tr><td style="padding:4px; font-family: 'Cabin', sans-serif; font-size:18px; color:#402211;"><br /><br />
<div class="threadbox">
[center][size=24][b]Data of the Hunt[/b][/size][/center]

[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]Guide:[/color] [url=]Big Hunting Game steps[/url]
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]Link to topic where is the request: [/color]{link here}
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]Icon Legend:[/color]
[*]Number of the Round: [b][color=#51f19c]nº[/color][/b]
[*]Is on phase 1: [color=#51f19c]✔️[/color]
[*]Is on phase 2: [color=#51f19c]✔️✔️[/color]
[*]Is on phase 3: [color=#51f19c]✔️✔️✔️[/color]
[*]Unable to continue: [color=#fc2f3a]✗[/color]
[color=black][b][u][font=Gabriola][size=18]STATE OF THE HUNT:[/size][/font][/u][/b][/color]
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]ROUND:[/color] [color=#40d90d]{Here nº of round}[/color]
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]PREY:[/color]
{Paste here code of the prey to hunt, can be found at the end of the Guide about Off Characters}

[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]PARTICIPANTS:[/color]
{paste here code used to put info of participants}

[b][u][color=black][font=Gabriola][size=18]ONCE FINALIZED:[/size][/font][/color][/u][/b]
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]HUNTING IS DONE?:[/color] {Yes/No}
[color=#d9e7fc]✹[/color] [color=#5488d6]SUCCESS?:[/color] {Yes/No}


Paste it under the Participants label that is on the code to create the topic for the hunting, use the same code to add all participant's info
[size=18][color=#fff64a]★[/color][/size] [b][color=#660000]{Name of Participant}[/color][/b]
-Health: {nº} -Energy: {nº} -Strength: {nº} -Velocity: {nº} -Agility: {nº}[/list]

✹ Codes to be Used During Hunt
To be used on the BEGINNING of EACH ROUND:
<table style='background-color: #0e171e;'><td><u><strong><font color='#5cff26'>ROUND {nº}</font></strong></u> - <span style='font-size: 12px; line-height: normal'><font color='#03eaf2'>Reduced</font> <font color='#f00505'>-05</font> <font color='#03eaf2'>Energy points to all participants and</font> <font color='#f00505'>-10</font> <font color='#03eaf2'>of Energy to the prey</font></span></td></table>
To be used when a member is DISABLED TO CONTINUE:
<table style='background-color: #0e171e; color: #8fa8e1;'><td>[color=#fffb03]★[/color] [b][color=#0ae2ff]{Name of User}[/color][/b] - [color=#ff0000]UNABLE TO CONTINUE[/color] - [color=#12c40f]{Reason}[/color]</td></table>

Participants in Phase 1 - Codes:
Participants in Phase 2 - Codes:
Participants in Phase 3 -Codes:

✹ Code to Post the Summary
Remember that the summary should be posted on the topic where the hunting was requested. As well to edit all parts that is needed.
<table class="tkanati"><td><strong><font color='white'><u>THE HUNTING IS FINISHED, HERE IS THE SUMMARY!</u></font></strong> <br><br>● <font color='#f44829'>Data of first post on topic: </font>{Inform here if the data on all the profiles of the participants is updated Or not}<br>● <font color='#f44829'>List of  Participants who arrived at phase 3: </font>{Only ones who arrived on Ph3 when hunt ended. If hunt ended on Ph2 then put all who arrived to this phase}<br><br><font color='white'><u>SO THESE ARE PRIZES FOR THEM!</u></font><br>● <font color='#f44829'>Hunters:</font> <font color='#3fd62b'>+{nº points}  </font><font color='#e5d655'>Participation Points</font> and <font color='#3fd62b'>+{nº points}</font> <font color='#e5d655'>Shamrocks</font><br>● <font color='#f44829'>Rest of Members:</font> <font color='#3fd62b'>+{nº points}  </font><font color='#e5d655'>Participation Points</font> and <font color='#3fd62b'>+{nº points}</font> <font color='#e5d655'>Shamrocks</font><br><br><font color='white'>AND <strong><font color='#3fd62b'>+{nº points}</font></strong><font color='white'> POINTS ON <strong>VELOCITY</strong> FOR THE MASTER:</font> <font color='cyan'>{Name of master}</font><br></td></table>

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

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PostSubject: Re: RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting   

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RP APPLICATION: Big Game Hunting
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