ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 Live The Worldwide - Multi species RP (mainly wolves & cats)

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PostSubject: Live The Worldwide - Multi species RP (mainly wolves & cats)   Wed Jun 20, 2018 11:37 am

Live The Worldwide is a parallel world full of mysteries and secrets. Its inhabitants hold many different beliefs, worshiping different deities which each have a fundamental role in maintaining the balance of the world. These different beliefs lead to conflicts, with some tribes fighting for dominance and others simply wishing to peacefully serve and worship their deities.

Ancient legends tell of the forces of light and dark struggling against one another, battling each other for dominion since the dawn of time. The 12 Spirits of the Lights are admired and praised by the wolves who formed the famous Seasonal Trackers Tribe. The tribe’s reverence has strengthened them, their power growing immensely as the wolves serve them, and thus they have dominated the land, spreading their light and granting the tribe great fortune.

But now an unexpected threat has emerged, jeopardizing the peace and prosperity the Seasonal Trackers Tribe has worked to achieve. They call themselves the Energy Tamers Tribe, a group of cats that has surpassed nature’s limits. They have made a pact with the 13th spirit, Sucki the Spirit of Darkness. Using their mastery of the five elements, they work to fulfill his dark ambitions and aid him in his quest to destroy the lights and shroud the world in his shadow. In return, he has granted them the power of possession, allowing the cats to control other creatures and bend them to their will.

Are you prepared for what is coming in this era? Who will you follow? Come and join the adventure!

Admin Contact via Skype: Str0ngwolf
Admin Contact via Discord: Str0ngwolf#8532

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Live The Worldwide - Multi species RP (mainly wolves & cats)
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