ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 ARG Beliefs and Ideals

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PostSubject: ARG Beliefs and Ideals    Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:21 pm

“Together with the elements we shall rebuild”
Below are the Beliefs and Rituals ARG has implemented. These are like the laws of the pack.


  1. The Deities, Aquila, Cervus, and Vita are the God's of the Guild. You must devote your loyalty to them and their wishes or face the consequences.
  2. Love has no boundaries between sexes. The Guild makes it clear that you can love whoever, but love outside of your species is unforgivable.
  3. Only those of wolf origin may be permitted to join the Guild as a full member. Mix breeds are also okay, but those of non-wolf origin will be rejected to join.
  4. Do not attempt spells you are not qualified for. Attempting spells you are not ready for can result in severe injury or death. It is also a sign of disrespect to the Gods and will be punished.
  5. The correct terms used to address the Masters of the Guild are the following: "Master, Lady, and Lord". Not addressing the Masters in this order is a sign of disrespect. The Masters of the Guild may address each other by however they see fit.
  6. Those with unnatural coat colors will be frowned upon. Those you have unnatural coat colors will have a harder time getting the Deities to notice them. The Guild believes unnatural coat colors are a sign of disrespect. (There is an option to but unatural coat colors from the store, but if you're in the Guild it may cause trouble)  
  7. Ierós Mountain is extremely sacred to the Guild. NO ONE is allowed to enter UNLESS they are a part of the Guild Master Trials or a Master. of the Guild
  8. If you have completed the Guild Master Trial and failed, you are not allowed to try again. The Deities may allow a member to have a retrial but it is for the Deities to decide.
  9. Twice a year ARG gives back to the ecosystem and pays their respect to the Deities by giving up red meat for an entire month. They will eat fish and herbs to pay tribute. (March & September)
  10. You must not associate with packs or Guilds that has not been acknowledge by ARG. Talking and associating with a Guild/pack that is not up to ARG standards is a sign of disrespect and may be punishable.


  1. Season Blessing = Every change of the season the Guild will gather in one of the sacred places of the territory and call forth the Deities for their blessing into the new season. The Hunters will also bring food as a token to the Deities.
  2. Bonfire Blessing = The Guild Masters may call for a Bonfire Blessing if they see the Guild is in a rut or slight turmoil. It is to help with improving moral of the Guild

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

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ARG Beliefs and Ideals
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