ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 Ranks of the Guild

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PostSubject: Ranks of the Guild   Ranks of the Guild EmptySat Dec 23, 2017 6:56 pm

ARG has 5 major ranks: Guild Master, Agent, Alchemist, Defenders, and Trackers. Guild Master and Agent are special ranks that you must be selected to achieve. Alchemist, Defender, and Tracker all have 2 sub-ranks within the major rank. This helps make sure everyone can contribute to the Guild.

Guild Master - Master of all Elements
These are the leaders of the group. They decide the road of the guild and approve or decline the petitions of their members in their actions or decisions such as marriage, mates, offspring... etc.  

Agents - Main Element is Water
These are the second in command when the Masters are out from the territory. They are who ensure everything is working as it should, so it is reserved to trustful and confident members. They should to be multi-skilled, because they can also help to the duties of the other ranks if needed.  

Alchemists - Main Element is Earth
These are wise members who has a lot of knowledge. They are dedicated to the potions and other concoctions to different uses like healing, etc. So they must to learn about the different plants of the world and other medicinal rituals and knowledge like anatomy. Because of this, these members are closer to the Earth Element than the others. They do practice the use of the Fire Element with the Earth element to help with their healing abilities.
The two sub-ranks are:
- Healer
- Herbalist

Defenders - Main Element is Fire
Basically they keep the territory safe from intruders and protect the pack members from enemies. They are wolves with good skills on battling and good physical condition to be able to patrol the borders. If the pack runs into conflict, they are obligated to participate on it! They focus their training on the Fire Element to have improve their fighting attacks and defense.
The two sub-ranks are:
- Fighter
- Patrol

- Main Element is Wind
Those are wolves with a good sense of orientation, smell and agility. Their mission is to investigate and find any source of possible food or any tool that can become useful for the pack. Alchemists can give them missions to find herbs or things they need. They act also like messengers. So if a member of the pack needs to communicate something to someone who is in a different place, they have the right to do it! So do not doubt to ask for that to these wolves. Sometimes, they are also sent out of the territory for diplomatic things.
- Hunter
- Messenger

Pups - No Elements
The pups are those who are 1 year or younger. Once they reach 1 year of age they are eigible to go trough the Newcomer's Trial to become a full member and receive their official rank.

Newcomer - No Elements
Newcomers are those who are interested in joining the pack, but have not received their rank yet. They will have to go through the Newcomer Trial and pass to receive their official rank.

---- Outside the Pack Ranks ----

Pack Friend - No Elements
Guild Friends are not a part of the Guild, but they are friends of the Guild. They are allowed inside the territory to socialize with the other members of the Guild.

Outsiders - No Elements
These are characters that are not on friendly terms with the Guild. They are not allowed in the territories and will punished if they do so.

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

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Ranks of the Guild
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