ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 The Skills of your Character

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PostSubject: The Skills of your Character   Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:05 am

✹ Introduction

The incorporation of skill points in ARG based on our older site STP (RIP STP). The skills are used in relation to RP events, training, fighting, hunting, and healing. Each character's skills will vary depending on the character and how they are built or how they have trained. ARG has three different types of skill sets. Don't panic! They are very simple to understand! There are Status Bars, Initial Skills, and there are two Magic Skills incorporated. (Skills with an * are Magic Skills)

✹ The Status Bars

Status Bars are the basic stats of your character. These work your Initial skills. These stats will determine how well your initial skills will work. If your Stat bars are low, than you may not be able to use your initial skills properly. Below are descriptions for each skill:

  • Health - This is the health of your character. Once your health reaches 0, your character will no longer be able to live, so be careful!
  • Stamina - This indicates how tired your character is. The energy you have. Lower levels will show that your character is tired. He/she will not be able to participant in certain events unless it is recovered.
  • *Mana - This is a Magic related stat bar. This is the amount of magical energy your character has. Once it runs out, you can not use magic again until it is replenished. More can be found about the Magic Skills below.

The Status Bars are NOT TRAINABLE. Every character will start out with same amount of reserves for each bar. The amount of Initial Skills will depend on how your character's Stat reserves are used.

For Example: If a character has higher amounts of knowledge about casting spells, than the amount of Mana he looses will be less than someone who doesn't have enough knowledge.

✹ The Initial Skills

Initial Skills are the skills that determine your character's abilities. Below are descriptions for each skill:

  • *Potency - Indicates how strong your magic will be.
  • Knowledge - Indicates how wise your character is.
  • Strength - Indicates how strong your character is.
  • Velocity - Indicates how fast your character is.
  • Agility - Indicates how agile and swift your character is.

Choosing the Initial Skills - Then, HOW IT WORKS?
Each character will be given 120 points to split between each option of skills.
(You must distribute the 120 points among the 5 skills as you prefer, and the total amount of the sum should be 120 points) For example, I could divide my points, so:

Potency: 20
Knowledge: 20
Velocity: 10
Agility: 30

*NOTE* For each skill, you must own at least 10% of the points. (10 points minimum in each skill and decimal numbers are not allowed).
Go HERE to set-up your Skills and Stats.

✹ Q & A

Why is it Necessary to Increase my Skills?:
How can I train my Skills:

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

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The Skills of your Character
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