ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 The Guild History

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PostSubject: The Guild History   The Guild History EmptySat Jan 13, 2018 9:48 pm

“Together with the Elements we Shall Rebuild”

The Arcane Relics Guild is a very old Guild that has called Téleios Island their own for over 30 years. The Guild was ran by the four Masters up until the last 5 years. Each Master controlled an element, and when all four of them were together they were called the Elemental Council. Neró, Master of Water. Fotiá, Master of Fire. Anemos, Master of Wind. Gi, Master of Earth. They all served the Gods/Deities complete and without failure. The team was unstoppable and nothing could defeat them.

Over the years, a wall began to form between the Masters and the Guild felt the affects as well. The Deities began to feel the affects as well and grew angry. The divide began when Anemos and Gi wanted to control the Guild entirely by themselves. In the past, there were more members that followed Anemos and Gi this was all the more reason they wanted the Guild for themselves. They assumbed with the extra members on their side they could easily take control.
Neró and Fotiá were forced to join with the members that followed under them to defeat Anemos and Gi and their army. This caused the Elemental Civil War of the Guild.
After months of fighting and no end in sight, the Deities stepped in and ended the war. They executed Anemos and Gi as well as those who decided to side with them. Those who followed Neró and Fotiá were spared, but the war caused many casualties and as a result majority of the members were killed. The Guild had gone from over 40 members down to just 10. Neró and Fotiá survived as well, but had suffered serious injuries. Before their passing, they had the honor of selecting two new Masters for the Guild. Neró chose Jethro, and Fotiá chose Talena. They received all of their powers and control and grow the Guild. Because of the war, the Deities will chose the new Masters to replace Anemos and Gi.

To this day, there has been no luck in finding the perfect someone to assume the positions. The Deities have been extremely thorough in their search. They do not want the same thing to happen again. Their appearances in the territories have been slim as well. No one knows whether it is because of the distrust that has developed or because they are searching hard for two new Masters. Without the other two Masters, the Elemental Council will never be complete.  

~Thank you from the ARG Council~

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The Guild History
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