ARG is a wolf RP group that focuses on our own form of alchemy. Characters can train in their own special arcane arts and develop new forms of it!
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 The Future of ARG

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PostSubject: The Future of ARG   The Future of ARG EmptyTue Jan 15, 2019 7:17 pm

The Future of ARG

Everyone that is in the Discord may already know what's going on, but I wanted to post it here as well. It's regarding the future of ARG. ARG will continue on, but....not with me.  I know there are several others who would love for ARG to continue and to have a place to RP again.

That is another reason I have decided.... to step down from head Admin and from Guild Master of ARG. It's an extremely tough decision that I've thought about for a long time, and I've finally come to turns with my decision. I will always cherish the memories I had with everyone, the stories we've all created, and the connections we've formed together! Our group has grown quite smaller as time went on as everyone started getting busier and busier with our lives. I still can't believe it's been over 8 years since I've known some of y'all and started to RP. I have to say, that is what started me on the career I'm in now. I don't know where I would be in life if I hadn't joined STP all those years ago.... I was a innocently little "kitty" everyone used to call me. Lol! I will still be in and out of the discord chat and even the new site (hint), but I won't be actively participating in the RP anymore with my characters. I decided to close the chapters on them, and to focus on other aspects of my life. This doesn't mean you won't see drawings of them from time to time. Hehe

If you follow me on my personal social media, you already know how much my life has grown in the last year or two. That's why I don't think it would be fair for ARG to not have someone's undivided attention. I don't have the time or means to run and RP anymore, but I don't want ARG to die. It has so much potential, and it's story only just begun. With some tweaks, I can see it growing in the future! With that being said, I have passed the reins over to Blythe/@rigormxrtis. They will be taking over as head Admin, and will decide what's next for ARG. Talena/@CazadorHalloween can remain the other admin if she would like as well. So if you have any questions regarding ARG's, I would direct you to message them.

Again, I will check in with everyone, but I won't be actively continuing with ARG. I do plan to help behind the scenes with some art stuff (if i'm able), but all the main decision making for ARG will be up to Blythe/@rigormxrtis and other admins that are decided. I love you all, and would love to stay and touch!

My discord is @shinydawg #3739

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The Future of ARG
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