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 Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread

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PostSubject: Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread   Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread   Fri Jun 29, 2018 4:51 pm


Viktor would lift his lip in a low snarl at her as she growled at him and of course she had to open her fucking mouth "How fucking dare you accuse me of such?! I am far more mature then you make me out to be, I simply dont know your name and I dont tend to show people respect so therefore Stripey shall be your name from now on until I know your name." he'd roll his eyes "Then why don't you actually be a LADY, and ask me for my name!" he'd growl "If you must know, my name is Viktor. Don't ware it out" he'd spat.

Then suddenly a breeze came through, carrying an extremely aggravating scent, he looked over in the direction and saw not one, but three wolves just watching them 'Great....Just great' he'd then turn to the female he was previously bickering with "See what you did! You brought more wolves! I swear you are like a magnet for annoyance" he'd snarl, before he turned back to the three newcomers and glared at the biggest one...the one that had similiar colorings to him and he growled low, his tail swaying in obvious aggravation before he finally decided to speak "The heck you idiots looking at? Enjoying the show?" he'd chuckle with a cocky smirk.

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PostSubject: Re: Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread   Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:08 pm

Area 1

These wolves were clearly wrapped up in their petty little squabble, to the point where they hardly even noticed the scent of approaching wolves. And even if they had greeted Blythe and his comrades, he doubted these moronic whelps knew anything. Well, the male was hardly a whelp, having the figure and face of an adult in his prime, but that only made their bickering even more pathetic. Blythe was just about ready to simply move on and abandon these wolves to their fighting, but then the male noticed him, Slay, and Aisling.

"See what you did! You brought more wolves! I swear you are like a magnet for annoyance," the male snapped at the female, snarling out his words and fixing his gaze to the three of them. Blythe's met the stranger's sharp maroon stare and he could feel the spark of tension growing and the agitation bubbling up within the dark male. Blythe stood his ground, flicking his tail as a silent gesture for Slay and Aisling to step back. He could tell this could get really ugly really fast and he wanted to make sure they were out of the way. The stranger finally broke the heavy silence with a sneer, "The heck you idiots looking at? Enjoying the show?"

"I wouldn't exactly call two overgrown whelps throwing temper tantrums a show," Blythe said, looking down on the other male, his stance slowly widening and claws digging into the soil. "I'd be more entertained watching the clouds."


The dark stranger charged for Blythe, snarling fiercely and aiming his teeth for Blythe's throat. Blythe was quick to dodge the attack and counter. The two wolves battled brutally, but it was clear Blythe was the superior warrior. He was momentarily caught off guard by the female leaping onto him and joining in their conflict, thirsty and eager for a fight herself. In the end, it was only a short setback and even with two wolves against him, Blythe never faltered and fought them fiercely.

It was a short and brutal battle, ending with the female dead at Blythe's feet and the male bloodied and beaten just meters away. Blythe licked the blood from his fangs and stepped towards the male, ready and willing to finish him off just like the female, but the male ran away, disappearing into the forest. Blythe didn't bother to give chase and let the male go. Maybe his injuries will get infected and he'll die. Whatever, he wasn't Blythe's problem anymore. He turned back to Slay and Aisling, still standing on the sidelines.

He caught wind of prey nearby. A freshly dead deer carcass, as well as a few coyotes coming from the same direction. "Let's go," he said to his companions before heading after the scent.

Addressed >> Slay and Aisling, Viktor
Mentioned >> Mira

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PostSubject: Re: Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread   Tue Jul 17, 2018 10:52 pm


Dexios rose to his feet after his much-needed nap, much to his disappointment those he met earlier were long gone "Damn they could have at least woke me..." He paused a moment sniffing around for their scents, they were to faint to track. "Guess it's every wolf for himself." He groaned as he slowly stretched out his sore muscles. He let out a long sigh as he made his way to the water and began drinking deeply, the cool water making up for being left behind. "At least those rude she-wolves are gone, probably annoyed with each other by now." He chuckled to himself before remembering his other improve to companions, "I hope Maell is okay." Dexios chuckled to himself, "That fluffy bugger Cobalt is probably with her still they will be fine."

Dexios sat down and began sniffing around as he felt his stomach begin to rumble with complaints about the current lack of dining options, Finally he caught the faint scent of a deer carcass, Grinning he followed the scent at a leisure stroll.

To Area 5

Dexios made it to the source of the scent, but that wasn't the only scent there were a paw full of strange wolves scent lingering near the meat. Dexios examined the Deer leg his stomach twisting in hunger, he bent over giving it another sniff. It was still fresh enough to eat so he slowly began eating his scavenged dinner. It wasn't long before he heard the cries of other scavengers His ears perked up as a coyote let loose a faint howl, 'Great just what I needed.'
Dexios rose to his feet and turned to the source of the sound, he stepped over his meal and took up a defensive stance as he waited for his unwelcome dinner guests. Dexios growled as a few coyotes made their way out of the tree line and began sniffing around. "It's not worth your life, now back off." He growled.

Addressed:No one
Mentioned:Maell, Cobalt, thoses that were in A5 and 6

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PostSubject: Re: Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread   

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Gaorb Woodland - Main Thread
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